glyfades of pythagorio

Wetlands of Samos : Explore Samo's habitats of rare beauty

In the area of ​​the Municipality of Pythagorion is

Τhe wetland of Glyfada which consists of Small and Large Glyfada, as well as the swamp of Chora.

Mikri Glyfada has water in winter – summer and communicates with Megali Glyfada with a constant flow of water. Its creation is due to the existence of many micro-springs that supply it with brackish water. There is no stagnant water. The wetland is frequented and nested by migratory birds such as herons, ducks, pelicans and endemics. Small reptiles live on the banks and reeds and in its waters there are small and large fish.

In the area of Glyfada there is great archaeological wealth with many buildings. such as the walls of Polycrates, the Ancient city, the sanctuary of Artemis, the Holy Road, the Roman baths, early Christian tombs and a church, etc.

The wetland of Glyfada is included in the list of wetlands published by EKBY as well as in CORINE.

The swamp of Chora, with a total area of 1300 acres, is also included in the list of wetlands of EKBY.

All the above mentioned areas are natural shelters of the wildlife of our island and as such should be given special protection by all of us. The greatest dangers that threaten them come from human actions and behaviors, ie from rubble and land, arson, pesticides and hunting. The ban on hunting in the two swamps that exist on our island, in Mesokambos and in Chora, is considered very important, as they are of great importance for maintaining the presence of waterfowl and migratory birds on the island. The area of ​​Alyki alone is not enough due to the small area of ​​the protected area and the reason that in order for the birds to take refuge here, they must definitely go through hunting areas.

Wetlands of samos

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