Nerotrouvias Cave of Milon Pythagoriou

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Nerotrouvias cave is located in an area called “Milon” (“Mills”), at an altitude of 93 meters, near a water reservoir.

The cave is actually an old overflow of the homonymous, some 30 meters deep, spring. The dirt road leading to the cave passes through cultivated areas, full of fruit trees (the wider area of Milon is famous for its oranges) and olive groves.

Today three (3) caves are known: Nerotrouvia No.1, Nerotrouvia No.2, and Nerotrouvia No.3. Note that this division, into three different caves, instead of a single one, does not convey the interdependence of the place, it just helps in its description.

Nerotrouvia No. 1 is a horizontal (in direction) cave, located in the first level, while from different points it can communicate with the second level. It is a cave with a very nice decoration, which, at its lower levels, is distinguished by its intricate construction, as well as its many different halls.

Some 70 meters to the left of Nerotrouvias’s No.1 entrance is located the entrance of Nerotrouvia No.2. It is also a horizontal (in direction) cave, 25 meters long, with meager decoration. However, few meters pass the entrance, to the left-hand side, an impressive stalagmite formation has been formed, resembling the form of an eagle. Some 110 meters far to the right-hand side is located another entrance leading to Nerotrouvias No.3. The last precipice end to beautifully decorated halls and in an underground lake, the depth of which is related to the amount of rain that has fallen during the previous year, as well as to the season, during which the visit is taking place.

Nerotrouvias cave was first recorded by I. Petrohilos 7/1952 [Hellenic Speleological Society (Hellenic Speleological Registry 182)].

It has been explored many times, mainly: in 1998 by the HAS (Hellenic Speleological Association, information: HSA Bulletin XXII), and twice in 2005 (the first during Easter and the second one in November), jointly, by HSAC (Hellenic Speleological and Athletic Club) and HSEC (Hellenic Speleological and Exploration Club).

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