The Castle of Loulouda

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Two kilometers away of the Monastery of Vrontiani, on a top of the Mount Karvouni, the Castle of Loulouda is located.

According to the local tradition, the daughter of a priest from Vourliotes, named Loulouda, while sitting on the rock, suffered from an epilepsy attack, lost consciousness, fell, and died (others claim that the name derives from ancient Greek word “Laos” = “stone” or “rock”).

Tiered roads carved into the rock, leads to the houses, which are well-placed in carved surfaces, fully exploiting the terraces of the underlying houses, towards which they expand.

It seems that the last fortifications were made during the time of the Byzantine Empire. However, the carvings in the rocks (for the foundation of the constructions) and the discovery of some fragments of ancient pottery works show that the fortified rock was probably inhabited since ancient times.

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