the Dry Well

Caves of Samos : An underground magnificent tour...

In the area of ​​Mytilinioi (or Ano Batzolia or Tsigoli), at an altitude of 280 meters, a stone carved Dry Well is located,

Some 10 meters deep (nowadays). Standing by its side you feel dominant when you look down the valley of Hora, the Heraion in the distance, Hora to the right and on top of Pagondas, and Pythagorion in your left. Speleologists assume that it could or might been the mine’s airway or perhaps an escape route or even the starting point to other tunnels of the ancient mine.

At its side ceramic pieces are scattered all around, demonstrating the existence of an ancient settlement. In the foot of the mountain another hole strengthens the assumptions made for this Dry Well (“Xeropigado” in Greek, from “Xero” = Dry and “Pigadi” = Well). Tales of the past say that its depth reaches 170 meters.

At the moment, Dry Well awaits its exploration in order to solve the riddles of its existence, both for the ordinary people and the scientists.

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