The Hole of Tzetze (or Kasoli)

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The Hole of Tzetze (or Kasoli) is a cave, located in Kosmadeon area,

Hidden in the woods. Its dimensions are 34 meters x 20 meters, its depth is 20 meters, while is situated at an altitude of 420 meters. It was first mentioned by I. Petrohilos 7/1952 [Hellenic Speleological Society (Hellenic Speleological Registry 191)].

This is a very nice cave with beautiful stalactites and significant historical and anthropological interest, since human and animal bones were found inside. The findings led to an expedition, organized by the Ephorate of Paleoanthropology and Speleology of Northern Greece (May 2006), which is responsible for Samos’s caves, in order to record and study the findings. For the time being, the cave is characterized, by the Ephorate, as not open to the public due to the ongoing and scheduled excavations for the further study of the place.

 (The text and the photos are courtesy of the Speleological Association of Samos “Eupalinos”).

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