Tsakalotrypa of Pythagorion

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Tsakalotrypa Cave is located at an altitude of 102 meters in the area of Pythagorion, near Panagia Speliani,

While overlooks Heraion Bay, the plains below, Potokaki, Pythagorion on the right, and the castle of Lycurgus, which dominates the area.

It was first recorded and explored by the “2nd Speleological in Samos, 11/2005”, in particular by HSAC (Hellenic Speleological and Athletic Club) and HSEC (Hellenic Speleological and Exploration Club).

It is a lively cave full of beautiful and colorful formations, while drops of water either “welcome” you, by dropping and cooling your face, or they “watch” you while they hang on the edges of the stalactites.

The hall is dominated by “the form of Pythagoras while thinking”. The “form” sparkles beneath the water drops and light, profane perhaps, “disturbs” this magic of nature.

“The entrance is hidden behind a fig tree, and is downhill. The cave is divided into two parts. The right one descends for some 50 meters and is 5-8 meters wide. It has beautiful decoration and intense water dropping (possibly due to water leaking by a water pipe). The left part of the cave has a passage, from a narrow recess, between landslips. Its length is about 20 meters, its height 2 meters, its width is 3 meters, while it has an upward direction towards the surface”.

 (The text and the photos are courtesy of the Speleological Association of Samos “Eupalinos”).

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