Samos Explore

Discover unique samian beauty with extraordinary activities

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Samos Explore

Samos explore is the new #vacations concept in Greece. Reveal the magnificent Samian #nature with numerous activities during your stay in Samos island.

We present more than 20 different ways to make your stay in samos unique. Discover plenty of outdoor activities and all the professionals who can provide all the details regarding your favorite activity

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Carefully crafted designs for innovative projects

The main sectors of the alternative tourism in Samos are rural tourism, ecotourism, adventure tourism, thematic tourism – which is connected to cultural and historic, religious, viticultural, culinary and ethnographic heritage. Rural tourism or agrotourism is a change of the alternative tourism.

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Reveal the #samian beauty

More than 20 activities to choose among a great #outdoor variety. We promote the interaction with the local people, communities and the enviroment.

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Superb #outdoor landscapes.

If you want to plan a unconventional type of vacation and visit places somewhat different than the usual tourist attractions samos island is the most suitable travel destination for 2020.



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The new way of tourism in Greece