Waterfalls in ampelos

Waterfalls of Samos : Αn outstanding natural beauty

A Travelogue to the Waterfalls of Ampelos Village...

The elements of nature are vivid but in harmony. Dense vegetation covers the entire slope and the path leads to a forest of chestnut and olive trees. Although it was noon the sunlight never reached the ground because the sky is covered by plants and vegetation.

On both hand sides the place is filled with cyclamen, ivy, and wildflowers. Water sounds echoes all around, from the very first moment you enter the path, and, the closer you get to the waterfalls, the sound of the water “invites” you and “points out” the way ahead…

All elements of nature are very vivid, yet in perfect order and harmony. Dense vegetation covers both sides and slopes of the path, which leads to a forest of chestnut, pine, and olive trees. Although it was already noon we walked in the shadow because the sun above us was covered with plants and vegetation.

Birds… birds everywhere! You have the feeling that someone follows you, but at the end you realize that is the eyes of the birds that occasionally fly above and welcomes you! Peace is immense! You do not want to talk, but listen… and smell: the soil, the wood, the wet leaves. The only cacophony is the continuous camera clicking’s, which capture in countless photographs the millions of colors.

Walking further and further in the path the landscape introduces plane trees, other aged and other younger, which hermetically seals-of the sunlight. The dried leaves cover the path and the colors in the “easel” of nature are now more diverse. In one hand the green and the fresh color of vegetation, while on the hand the brown of the dried leaves, both make you want to paint, even if you have never hold a brush before.

Streams now cross the path and we, like acrobats, move from stone to stone in strange dance slaloms. We reached the wooden staircase and looked for the waterfall. The noise of the water leads to a continuous and steep path. Climbing the staircase is easy and safe for everyone, old or young.

Waterfalls of samos

" Water is the driving of all nature ".



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