Siderenia Porta Cave

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Siderenia Porta (Iron Door) is another cave, located in the foot of Kerkis Mountain,

In Kiourka area of Marathokampos Municipality. To the cave leads the same rural road, which leads to the cave-precipice of Saradaskaliotissa, as well as to Pythagoras Cave.

When you reach the top of the slope, through a difficult, almost nonexistent, path you find yourself in front of its entrance, which narrows a bit, before lead you to the first and main hall, which seems to be placed upon two impressive stalagmite columns, approximately 5 meters high each. The cave is full of rich stalagmite decorations and many halls of different size and morphology.

The cave has been recorded by I. Petrohilos in 1952, but is also mentioned in “Samian” newspaper, which described it as: “the most magnificent of all the known caves”.

 (The text and the photos are courtesy of the Speleological Association of Samos “Eupalinos”).

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